Public Sector Property & Estates Scotland 2014

Public Sector Property & Estates Scotland 2014, Wednesday 11th June, Radisson Blu, Glasgow G2 8DL

Both the nature and range of public services and the way in which those services are delivered are undergoing a huge evolutionary change. This evolution is driven by the imperative to cut costs, by public expectation and need and by an unprecedented expansion in what is possible, due to advances in technology. Clearly, the property asset management strategy of every public body must be revisited in order to ensure that it is fit for purpose and supportive of the Public Service Reform agenda.

In front of circa 150 public sector professionals Property and Estates Scotland 2014 will examine the role of property as a platform for the delivery of a whole range of public services, considering factors such as location, co-location, condition, collaborative working, space planning, integration of services , multiple function buildings and much, much more.

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